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I’m a Precision Pistol shooter and originally from Sebewaing, MI. I sent you a small sample order a few weeks ago and two of the three bullets really produced very nice groups in both of my Les Baer’s.  I test a lot using a Ransom Rest.  I only fire ten shot groups at fifty yards following well established and a strict protocol. I only measure “extreme spread”.
Typically, my two pistols hold about 2.5” groups using a competitor's 200 grain SWC bullets over 5.1 grains of Unique seated to 1.235” with a mild taper crimp of 0.473” and using a Lyman M die to expand my cases. This has been a great load for years; however, your bullet R45160SWCFB453 using three different powders consistently produced 2.1” groups in accordance with my standard protocol. I have to say, I was amazed! Hence, I am ordering a small bulk order of the same bullet to really give them a try at matches, etc. If this bullet continues to perform as it has recently, I will be in the market for an order about four times larger. Thanks, Jim  (15 Feb 2018)


I just received my latest shipment and I have to tell you how pleased I am with the care and effectiveness of the packaging. It took some work to get the package apart and that is a good thing.

I am very impressed by the lengths that your packers went to in order to ensure that my bullets were safe and secure. I am hawking your business in my gun related social media sites at every opportunity.

Thanks again for your excellent product and service.

Roger (7-10-2017)


Thanks for the great service and product. I must say your packaging is INSANELY EFFECTIVE! Give your shipping clerk a pat on the back for me.

Thanks again.

Bob (4-3-2017)



A friend and I saw 45 200 SWC's from a "reloaders supply" that I had dealt with for years. The price was unbelievably low for 2,000 bullets. We fell for it and ordered them.

The dull finish should have been the first clue that they were not alloyed correctly. The blue lube had fallen out of many of them. They leaded our barrels badly. A taper crimp caused them to bulge over the case mouth so much that sometimes the slide wouldn't go into battery. If the slide closed, I could barely eject a live round!

Lesson learned the hard way. We are going to melt them down and re-alloy them. Maybe I will cast some rifle bullets with the alloy.

They misrepresented the product and lost us for customers forever.

Second, once I found your bullets, instead of staying with the best bullets I have ever used, I tried to save a little money.

We learned a tough lesson.

Jim (3-16-2017)


Received my order. I just wanted to say thank you for a great looking cast bullet. I haven't loaded any yet but I am sure they

will shoot as great as they look! Thank you for the timely delivery, great quality, and great price!

Jeremy (2-12-2017)



Your advice and encouragement has me shooting Master scores with my M41. So, you're stuck with me! I just have to get those 45 scores up there. I am close!  :)

David 1-28-2017



Just received another nuclear proof box from you. Thank you for your excellent customer service - looks like I have found a new bullet supplier. I'll give those semi-wadcutters a try in a week or so after I load these new bullets today. Again, thank you.

Russ (Jan. 14, 2017)



I went to the range last Thursday and again today. Here are my findings:

Guns - SIG Sauer P228, CZ 75D PCR, CZ P07, Colt 1911 Series 70 9mm. Powder - 700X/3.8 Grains, Bullet - Dardas 9mm 126 Gr SWC.

My standard load is 3.7 - 3.8 grains of 700X which I use for the 122 gr, 124 gr, and the 126 gr cast bullets. My Labradar reports 985 fps average.

My first issues were keyholes 3, 7, and 18 yards. First batch - OAL = 1.085". No feeding issues. Keyholes 30%-40% - all guns.

Second batch - OAL = 1.110". No feeding issues. Keyholes almost eliminated (only 2 out of 25 rounds).

Third batch - OAL = 1.125". No feeding issues. No keyholes 0 out of 25 rounds. Plunk test ok. No rifling marks on painted bullet.

Fourth batch - OAL = Same as third batch except shot 50 rounds. No feeding or keyhole issues. Accurate at 18 yards on indoor range.

I like the 126SWC and will be ordering more next month after I try the 122's.


Steve (10-10-2016)



I wanted to let you know that I am pleased/impressed with your customer service, promptness of shipping my bullets, quality of your bullets, and the way that they were packaged.

Mike (10-20-2016)


Dardas Cast Bullets,

Just wanted to send a quick email to thank you. My order arrived in a very timely manner at an affordable price. I have spent the past year switching between manufacturers trying to convince myself to switch to cast bullets, which you have now done.

I am very pleased with the multiple sizing options you offer. Also, when looking through my order I couldn't find a single deformed or inconsistent bullet. Your packaging is above and beyond, and had more than enough packing material to cushion the weight.

I don't intend this to be a complaint in any way, but more of a suggestion. I would double check your counting system. I assume that you pack by weigh counting like other companies. I always expect there to be a little discrepency. But according to my count I received 912 bullets instead of 1,000.

Thank you.

Charles (11-19-2016)

Ed: We do indeed weigh count each and every box of bullets that are shipped. I think that I have made this mistake once this year (out of ten of thousands of shipments). We shipped additional bullets for free to this customer that more than made up for the shortage.



Just thought I would show you what your bullets can do.

This doe was shot at about 30 yards using one of your 180 grain 38 caliber bullets with 11.3 grains AA#9. The rifle is a Marlin 1894C.

The bullet punched a clean hole through both shoulders. She went about ten yards before going down.

Thank you for making such good bullets!

Greg (11-27-2016)


A group from a loyal customer - .45 ACP 4" Wilson Professional using Dardas 45200SWC at 18 yards (5 shots) measuring 0.908" C-T-C.


Hi Matt,

I want you to have this photo. 3 inch target - 25 yards - your 9mm 124 grain cast bullets - about 30 rounds into the target with a 1911 STI Spartan. Your bullets are awesome! To tell you the truth, I use your 124 grain sized to 0.356" for my .38 specials too. And with my S&W Model 15 they are even more accurate. Thank you for your great bullets.

Luis (9-19-2016)



I love the 160's! This is a 100-5X timed fire @25 yards outdoors. Your H&G 45-160's with 4.1 grains of WST.

Dave (8-23-2016)


Great looking bullets and fast service! I will be a repeat customer!

Dave (3-19-2016)



Got the bullets. Yup, things of beauty! Can't wait to load them up and shoot em! Thanks again!

Joe (3-10-2016)


Hi Matt,

Those bullets seem to work great. I am shooting very good groups at 25 yards. I'm pleased and will be ordering more soon!

Garrett (3-6-2016)


Thanks Matt for the bullets and information. My gun finally shoots like a dream!

Ray (3-2-2016)



Bullets just arrived. They are great looking bullets and packaged very well. I will load then over the weekend. Great work!


Kevin (3-2-2016)


Hi Matt,

I would like to share my story with your customers. I placed an order for 3,500 rounds of 9mm. When I received the order the box had been damaged during shipping. I sent along an email informing Matt that I had received the damaged box. Matt was quick to contact me with a phone call that evening. He apologized for the inconvenience and informed me that he would replace the damaged box with a new order.

This is a great example of premier customer service. Not only did Matt take care of the issue by contacting me that night, we also had a great conversation.

Thanks Matt.


Dave (4-8-2016)



I wanted to let you know that the bullets arrived a few days back. As you mentioned they were quite well packed - thank you! I think my poor mailman got a hernia, but hey......I left the dolly out for him. I especially appreciate the quality of the bullets. That is to say after measuring and weighing....I didn't have to change anything on my press.

They load nice, they work, they are consistent. High praise indeed!

Looking forward to the next order.

Mike (2-4-2016)


Matt, I got a chance to try the 38-180's in my Henry Big Boy this morning. Had a group at 25 yards with all five touching (open sights). The load was 12.5 grains of 2400 with a standard primer. Your 38-158SWC's shoot equally as well with 6.5 grains of Unique. 

Thanks again for such a great quality product!

Brett (1-18-2016)


Hi Matt, I know that this isn't a group but thought that you might like this. It is your .45 200SWC in a cowboy load 45 Colt hitting a golf ball from 10 yards. Looks like the bullet is new! 

Kevin (12-30-2015)


Thank you Matt. I was a customer before but I moved. So I had to start a new account. You make a good product and your service is great. I will always buy from you.

Jeff (1-2-2016)


I would have to say that I am very impressed with the quality of all your products that I have received. Thanks! And I will be doing business with you in the near future.

Mike (1-4-2016)


Here is a YouTube video that was produced by a new customer. I am sure that you will enjoy it - It illustrates what we are all about. The YouTube video was produced by Don on 9-20-2015. We thank you Don!




I tried the previous batch of 45160's in my wadcutter .45 at  25 yards in a Ransom Rest yesterday - 9 shots into 1" with a flyer stretching the group to 2".

Excellent results for cast bullets! The only thing that I would change is decrease the amount of lubricant by about 15-20%.

Your 45160's (S242) are now my 25 yard and 50 foot bullets. 4 grains of Bullseye and Winchester primers.

Ric (9-16-2015)


Hello Matt,

I just want to thank you for a nice and easy transaction. The packaging of the item was great and none of them got busted, unlike my other experience with different vendors. Also, thank you for the great quality of your bullets, your crew never cease to amaze me when it comes to this aspect.

Again, thank you and I look forward to the next bulk purchase.


Conrad (8-24-2015)



Just wanted to say I love your products. I recently purchased your .50 Caliber 330 grain sized to .503" for developing loads in my .50 caliber AR rifle. I don't have a chronograph but my data should produce around 1700 fps and there was NO lead in my 16" barrel or my bolt.

Great job and look forward to purchasing from you again!

Rich (8-16-2015)


Hey Matt,

You guys are the best, great products and wonderful people. As long as I shoot lead you'll be getting my business.

Mark (7-23-2015)



These are beautiful bullets and I shot a 1" group with the 185SWC's at 30 yards with the first load that I tried. Amazing! I also took your excellent advice and got a Lyman M die which makes seating so much easier and more precise. I plan to get one for every caliber that I load. It really makes a difference.

Ivan (1-26-2015)


Hey Matt,

I've run through almost my entire supply of your bullets and have been very impressed with everything I tried in 38, 44, and 45.  I'm definitely going to order more when these run out.  Attached are some typical groups I've been getting with your .452 230gr RN bullets in 45 ACP.  The top two targets were shot from a S&W 625 that slugs at .452 groove diameter, so even with a non optimal sizing they are putting every shot inside of 2" at 10 yards from a standing position.  The bottom two are typical of my Bisley Blackhawk that slugs .451.  I included one group (bottom left) shot from a bench to try and eliminate shooter error, ended up with 12 of 15 shots under 1" at 15 yards.  The same load has performed well out to 100 yards on steel targets, if I miss it's not the gun or load to blame.  Also, I've been playing around with your .38 125gr RNFP offering and it has been consistently producing ragged holes as far out as I can hold the sights steady.  I never thought I'd be able to get this level of accuracy at such a reasonable price, you have made me a true believer in the benefits of a good cast bullet.


Alex (10-23-2014)




I am a member of The Highroad Forum and I am so pleased with your bullets that I made sure to give kudos and your info to a query by a new member about cast bullet companies. I hope that you don't mind that I mentioned your 5% discount.

I must say that your shipments are very fast and your boxes are packaged to survive WWIII! Comparing to some other companies you add a lot of good cardboard padding. None of the other vendors that I have bought from wrap the exterior of the box so well either!


Bernie (8-22-2014)


Hi Matt,

I am now a loyal customer of yours! You have made a believer out of me! The quality of your bullets is far superior to any of your competitors - attached is a testament to what I received from another bullet supplier. These rejects were just from one 500 count box too! Unbelievable Matt!

Everything that you do - the immpecable quality of your bullets, the superior way that you box and package your bullets all means one thing to me - World Class Quality just like you told me! I am now a believer in you!

By the way, your bullets shoot better than any jacketed bullets that I have ever tried. Keep up the GREAT work Matt and thank you!

Dean (8-4-2014)


This is the classic example of a 'caster' that does not have a quality control process enacted or does not even know what a quality control process is. In order for a manufacturing facility to produce a quality product, they MUST have a Quality Control System to follow. Your experience with this 'caster' is a direct result of not having a Quality Control System in place.



Hi Matt,

Received the order on Monday and just as you said, they are all perfect....they actually are. I randomly picked 25, and measured/weighed them and found diameters uniform +/- 0.0001" and weight varied +/- by less than 1.0 grains for all but one, which varied +1.1 grains. I expect the 50 yard Ransom testing will print well under 2"....I'll let you know the results (I have been building 1911's for 4 decades).


Walter (3-26-14)



Package and contents arrived safe and sound. Your packaging is unreal and really works! It probably takes longer to package the bullets than to make them.

Don (3-24-2014)


Hi Matt,

I received your bullets a few days ago. I was very impressed by the 200 grain .45 caliber SWC bullets that I found inside the box. I measured several and found the bullets to be very consistent from a weight and dimensional perspective. I particularly liked the bullet lube you use compared to that used by other bullet makers I've tried.

I loaded some up and shot them through my STI Trojan .45ACP. They performed perfectly and shot groups noticably tighter than the previous brand that I had used, yielding sub-1.5" groups at twenty five yards, which is exceptional for me.

You can be assured that when I am next in need of cast bullets, I'll be ordering them through Dardas. Thanks again.

Dave (2-14-2014)


Matt, Bullets came in on Saturday and look really nice, your packing job was more than excellent. Looking forward to shooting some and trying  some in 45cal. Thanks, Brady (10-27-2013)===================================First time Ihave ever gotten bullets that require refrigeration!  Look great. will test some next week. Mike (10-9-2013)Editor: Yes, I have been told that our bullets look so good that they could be put on a plate or used for jewelry.=======================================I received my shipment Friday and the product looked great. I was impressed with the care taken in packaging the product for shipment.  With this level of care in shipping, I can only surmise the level of quality in manufacturing is outstanding.  Bill (10-12-2013)====================================Thanks Matt, just checking in - glad to hear business is booming! By the way, the Lyman dies you recommend on the site are fantastic. I've been loading some jacketed hollow points and plated bullets - the shouldered expanding die makes every single bullet seat straight with no bullet deformation. Scott (9-9-2013)==================================My poor old Remington 700, 458 Win Mag, went through a fire about 5 years ago.  I have replaced the burnt up parts. The stock,trigger guard, trigger, and firing pin mechanism.  The heating up of the barrel, and the quick cool of the fire hose, tempered the barrel wrong and all the rifling shotout.  So now I have to get a new barrel on it. In about 4 months or so, I'll have the new barrel.  I'll shoot a group with your 45-70 bullets and send you a pic of how well your bullets do. I think that if they shoot anywhere near as well as your 44 bullets do, it might help your sales. Thanks again for such good, hard bullets.A reloader that appreciates good work. Dana (9-3-2013)=======================================Thanks! Your bullets are the best! Phil (9-3-2013)==========================================I got the package yesterday Mr Dardas. Thank you so very much. It was worth the wait! PS: as we say way down yonder in New Orleans ( YOU DA MAN!).Ricardo (8-3-2013)===========================================Received my order yesterday, GREAT LOOKING CLEAN PRODUCT will be loading some this AM. Thanks and have a safe 4th, Sam (7-4-2013)==========================================Today I tried both the 9mm and the 45 ACP and they worked perfect with the loads I used. Great product! Thanks for all your help. I will be placing my next order very soon!Regards, Roman (2-24-2013)=========================================The post office here called me yesterday and said they had a package there for me but it was too heavy and the snow was too deep to deliver it to me .I had thought of asking you if you would mind running by there and getting it for me, since you surely have so much time to just run around. lol Anyway, I did pick it up and the quality is up to your normal, very very good. I have already loaded some of them. Great!!!! Thanks much, again. I will probably be ordering some more before too long. Kenny (2-23-2013)===========================================Thanks! You guys are the best! Just fired some of the bullets I bought from you on my last order, and they were great! Couldn't be happier, thanks for a great product! todd (2-4-2013)==========================================Hi Matt,Got the 10,000 bullets today which I was surprised about since it's Veteran's Day! I never knew the USPS worked on a Federal Holiday.  Anyway, I just wanted to say that your bullets are of excellent quality and I will be using you from now on for all my castbullets. I will also recommend you to anybody who is looking for hard castbullets. I can't honestly tell you how many bullets I've purchased over the last 30+ years but it's in the hundreds of thousands range. I have never had a shipment arrive that wasn't damaged, repackaged by the Post Office, missing product due to the bullets "leaking out" of the broken boxes,etc. until today. Your 6 heavy boxes ALL arrived in perfect 100% condition and we both know that it was due to the care, staples, extra packing cardboard and tape you packed them with. The fact that you also put the bullets into a Tyvek envelope is terrific. The boxes were actually still square in shape when they arrived -an all time first for me.  Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for the quick turn around, fantastic packaging job and GREAT bullets! Can't wait to load some of these babies up and try 'em out.   Over the years I've purchased from a lot of other cast bullet sources and I can't believe I JUST found out about your Company. Well, better late than never!Happy Holiday's to you and your Family!Regards, Bob (11-11-13)============================================================================================Matt,I loaded your .38 cal 158 RN in my GP 100, .38 special cases and shot the tightest groups I've ever seen with this gun.I will be passing along your company information to all my shooting friends.Brian (11-8-2012)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt, Just a note to let you know I just reordered 1000 rounds of 40. Your bullets are great. I finally found a good load for my Sig Pro yesterday. I put 24 rounds in 2 1/2” at 10 yds rapid fire. For me that is pretty good shooting. I load 4.8 gr of w231 behind your 155gr swc. The average velocity was 995 with an SD of 7. This load shoots much more accurately than I can hold! Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price. I will certainly be ordering more as funds become available. Dennis (11-23-2012)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Matt,Glad to hear that the moulds are in! I really appreciate the quality and available sizes for your bullets.I just smile as my targets outscore my shooting friends that shoot undersize bullets and complain about lead buildup.Thanks again,Sincerely,Keith (11-25-2012)-------------------------------------------------------------------------Thank you Matt,The last batch of 9mm's and 45's worked out great! They are very accurate. Trying the 45 200 grain this time to save a few bucks. I will definitely be ordering more in the near future. Regards, Dave  (10-19-2012)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt,I received the 2,000 45 caliber 180 grain flat base bullets today and they are definitely in a class by themselves, compared to other cast bullets. These look great! I loaded some and fired some strings of rapid fire. I love these bullets and you better believe that when I need more you are the only man I'm planning to contact. Carl (10-4-2012)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I along with many others I'm sure, appreciate the hard work and time you have spent developing the skill and equipment that it takes to consistently produce and deliver bullets of this quality. We just get to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labors.You are to be commended. You have indeed developed the best cast lead bullets I have encountered in 40 + years of loading. I have tried a lot of bullets, changing from one brand to another and even casting my own for a number of years. ( Those were the best, but materials were hard to get and time consuming, but enjoyable. Waterhardened most of mine and over time found a pretty good bullet.) Yours are much better without the work and worry. The list of companies I have tried, many of which are no longer in business is much too long to list here. But of them all, I can say without reserve, this is the "Blue Ribbon" bullet of the bunch.I will be using your bullets for many diverse applications in my 38s and 357s. Staying with the same bullet wt. allows for easier sighting and changing from one gun to another with fewer adjustments. While I still have many adjustments to make in some loads, I will be using these bullets for everything from general, informal target shooting and plinking to handgun hunting, and knocking over some bowling pins and sillouettes further up my ranges. I also appreciate the tip on the light "taper crimp". I too have to admit it has made a noticable difference down range for me. I am still surprised that it has worked so well with some full power .357 Magnum loadings, but it has. I have not seen any bullet movement in the cases due to recoil and I am only crimping .001". The only concern I have experienced ( and this has not been unique to your bullets.), is some lead in the cylinder where the bullet joins the shell case. Usually comes out easy enough but oft'times requires a few trips with a bronze brush and solvent to remove completely. Seems I used to get by with a stiff nylon brush. Bullets are very tight in the cylinders and will not come close to pushing through. I have one other question. With most loads I'm using, I have a good "lube star" on the end of the  barrel and usually visible lube on the target, so apparently the lube is holding up well and doing it's job, but with some loads I seem to get a noticable amount of smoke, while with others, almost no smoke at all. Would this suggest a change in powder, or if the load is otherwise okay, just live with it?Thanks for your response ( ....if you have time.), and again for such excellent across the board bullets.I can't wait to get started working with the .41s & .44s. ...... ( just not enough time! )Have a good day.Sam (9-5-2012)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt,I first tried your bullets in May when I ordered my first thousand .358" SWCs and 500, 44 caliber, 200 gr RNFPs. I couldn't believe how quickly they were on my loading bench, the quality and consistency of the bullets, and how well they were packaged. I ordered my second thousand SWCs and a thousand .358", 148 gr H&G BBWCs early in June. The Wadcutters were as good or better than I have found anywhere at any price in over 40 years of reloading. The SWCs have performed amazingly well in a number of handguns in both 38 and 357 calibers and velocities ranging from 650 fps to over 1400 fps. Last night I ordered another 3000, and less than 12 hours later I received an e-mail notification that they had been shipped. Doesn't get any better than that.I can't say enough about the quality of the product or the speed with which my order was processed. I would just like to thank you for making such an excellent product and for equally excellent service.Thank you,Sam   ( 9/5/2012 )-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt,Here is a personal best using your 200 gr LSWC with VV N310 powder 3.8gr. 50 yards single handed (of course) using my Les Baer PII customized by the best bullseye smith I know, Jon Eulette.Sometimes, everything actually comes together but as long as the gun and your bullets outshoot me, I have something to improve upon.Jim (6-14-2012)==================================================================================Matt,I want to thank you for your customer support.  I am new to reloading since Oct and over the past 8 months, I have experimented with a variety of different bullets including the SWC from you.  This is a second order from you and as far as I am concerned, you will continue to be my first choice going forward.Thanks, Mitch (6-11-2012)==========================================================================================Hi Matt, The Dardas bullets are shooting great. I have found a great load with your new 45-180gr flat base that shoots great at 50yds. I'll be ordering more just after Nationals. My gun definitely likes cast bullets best! I'll get in touch again soon, Ross (7-3-2012)============================================================================================================Matt,Shot your  bullets this morning the temperature in the lower 90’s and the range was packed. I was able to shoot using my rest or chronograph, so had to do two hand hold off small table top and 25 yards only.The .314's shot out of a Ruger GP 100 327 shot 1”x 1” the odd thing was it was with 2.5g Green Dot and not the 2.8g AA#2 I had been using with another brand's DEWC.Regardless I was elated with the bullets performance and will be ordering more.I grabbed the wrong box of 38’s so didn’t get to test your .358” 9126 bullets in my S&W model 67. This gun does not shoot wadcutters very well but does shoot SWC (135g, 150g) very well (1.5” range). I hope to shoot those next trip out, but I expect them to shoot pretty good as the bases are nice and flat and weights are pretty consistent.I was very pleased with the 9mm (.356” 9126) the groups were all around 1.5” with no flyers. Powder was 2.8 – 3.0g’s of Bullseye (2.8g best). My pistol felt more consistent cycling with your heavier bullet than with the lighter 115’s.I will play with the length a little to see if I can tighten them up some more . I am thinking the 9126’s will work for me at 50 yds and will try another batch at 50 with the Chronograph and rest. I like these bullets very well and will be ordering more in the future.Thanks very much - gene (7-7-2012)=======================================================================================Hi Matt, Thanks for asking about the 9126's. I loaded some up last week, and took them out this week. I was very pleased with their performance! They worked really well with Hodgden's HS-6, Longshot, and HP-38. Grouping was about 1in at 15yds for each powder. Nice, neat, solid groups. Next range session, I'd like to run them with some different powders also. I'm hoping to come up with some "Pet Loads" in 9mm for my wife before she returns home from deployment in Afghanistan next month (since it's her Taurus!). I'm very excited that you are producing these and look forward to hearing from you in the near future also.Sincerely,  Alan (7-13-2012)==============================================================================================Matt,Thanks so much for your quality product and true appreciation for your customers' business. It is so nice to work with a family business that truly enjoys what they do. The quality in your product says that and more, not to mention an excellent turn-around time! I hope that you didn't have to work over the holiday weekend to get my order out.In closing, THANK YOU! It is a pleasure being your customer.Sincerely,Mark (6-5-2012)=====================================================================================================================Matt,Here is a photo of a group fired with your .45acp 200 LWSC bullets. Five shots under 1.5 inches at 25 yards from a bag rest. I shot this group using a 30 year old Colt government model that was stock except for a fitted barrel bushing. I loaded the rounds using fired Winchester cases, Winchester primers and 4.9 grns of Bullseye powder. This same gun and load has fired groups like this on other days so I know it wasn't a fluke. Only great bullets can make groups like these which is why I continue to order from you. Great quality combined with great service, I could not ask for more. I hope you enjoy your vacation. Thank you. A very happy customer,Bruce============================================================Hello Matt, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the advice you posted on your website.  PPC season was starting up again and I had added a factory crimp die to my die set for .38 special this Summer.  I loaded about 400 rounds and took them over to the range for some speed checking.  I did find that the factory crimp yielded about 30fps higher speeds.  Satisfied, I used them for the first two league nights. My groups were terrible, they were twice the size of normal with some really weird flyers.  I tried a couple different powders and had the same results.  I really thought I had lost much of my skill over the Summer because surely factory crimped bullets are better, then I read your post:Please do not use a Factory Crimp Die for cast bullet reloading. Cast bullets MUST be seated perfectly square to provide trouble free accurate reloads! Cast bullets MUST remain in their pristine state in order to shoot accurately. Factory Crimp Dies will alter the cast bullet's sized diameter and thus will cause many unwanted issues.I was so convinced it was me because factory crimped bullets had to be better that I was planning on building several more so I could practice more.  After reading your post I went back to my old bullets with just a very slight taper crimp (these are all Wad Cutters by the way).  Last night was our league night and my shooting immediately jumped back to normal.  In fact, I shot one of my best scores - 597 and 37x.You have no idea how much time and trouble you saved me by posting that little advice!  My guess is that it would have taken me months of frustration to figure this out.Thanks for the advice and please keep posting it!!Mike (9-29-11)-----------------------------------------------------------------Hi, MattI just ordered another 1,000 38-40 bullets in .403 diameter (and some other bullets). I think I mentioned that my 38-40 has a properly tight bore, but that the chamber throats are oversize. This produced a lot of leading with .401’s from the forcing cone on, as the bullet’s bearing surfaces were apparently being ‘liquidized’ upon reaching the bore. The .403’s cured this problem with certainty, as I experienced no leading with them in the 100 rounds that I shot as a test, as opposed to severe leading that occurred with .401’s after less than 50. The .401’s, by the way, they were ......., and often had voids in the bases that I could park a deuce-and-a-half in (flyer city). I had to develop a habit of looking at every bullet’s base when loading them, which I never do with yours. There are not many casters who pay attention to the needs of people who need some differing sizing diameters. And additionally, the cosmetics of your bullets are the best in the business. Thank you kindly, for your efforts. Sincerely,Dennis (9-24-11)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Matt,I received my bullets today. They appear to be of excellent quality and I can't wait to try them out.Thanks,Owen  (9-10-11)===========================================The order was nicely packed - thanks! Fred (8-23-11)=================================================================================Matt ~ Here is the second ten shots from a new barrel   the first ten were sighting in . This was shot one handed at 25 yds with your 200 gr swc Larry (8-20-11)---------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt, I was really pleased with the (1000pc.) order for the 250g bullets. A (20) piece random weight check showed excellent consistency.  Don't have a hardness tester but your bullets are much harder than wheel weight bullets that I cast.  Loaded hundreds for the college student to take back to school so he can shoot 45LC with his friends.Thanks too, for the sale notice on Marlinowners.comNo rush on this order, I won't be able to load for a couple weeks.  Thanks,Eric  (7-31-11)======================================================Hi Matt - Thanks for the bullets - they are quite literally too pretty to shoot -I forgot to ask what diameter are these 125 and 158 flat nose wad cutters?I am not sure what diameter I need - plan to use them in S&W .38/.357 revolvers and a Marlin lever with Ballard rifling - Nice talking with you and thanks again - Matt   (7-30-11)=====================================================Matt, Shipment arrived this morning. All boxes intact and sealed.Thanks again for the prompt service.Until next time, take care.John  (7-22-11)-------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt,Just wanted to pass on a target shot with your 45 cal 200gr bullets.  Scored as a 98 for slow fire bullseye at 50’.  Best of all, it was shot out of my Glock 21 with a 6” KKM barrel.  (Dave 7-15-11) =============================================================Hi Matt! Just to let you know, (as if you don’t know already), your bullets kick ass!Have you heard anything or do you have personal experience with your 147gr bullets in a Springfield XDm 9mm?  I have GREAT success with your 125gr bullets and they are very, very accurate in my xd but want to try the 147’s.I don’t know whether to just stick with what I know works well or try to find yet another one of your bullets that might even shoot better!  I know there might be less perceived recoil with the 147’s but hey, we’re talking 9mm here…I am just looking for accuracy and was thinking that the 147’s may be better at greater distances than the 125’s.Let me know your thoughts IF and WHEN you have the chance and I will get some more ordered!Thanks Matt!Scott (7-10-11)===============================================Matt, I will post your card at my gun club's clubhouse.  We have several hundred members.  I just started reloading last week (loaded approx. 1000 and I have just order my second 1000) and my friends noticed the quality of your product...so maybe you will be hearing from them... William (7-9-11)================================================================Hi, Matt   When comparing your bullets to some of those that I’ve purchased from other casters, there is really no comparison. I used to have to inspect every bullet, from certain commercial casters, when the bullets went into the case because of the voids in the bases. These appeared as irregular holes, often very large, and sometimes so deep that I couldn’t see the bottom. This sure avoided wear on somebody’s sprue cutters, LOL. These bullets had to be sidelined and loaded for use only on cans. Large ones and close ones. Your bullets also have a very impressive surface finish all over, indicating that your molds and alloy temperatures are closely maintained, during your casting process. No wrinkles, no frost, just perfectly filled-out bullets that shine, and all weigh the same. A friend commented that it’s almost a shame to shoot them up.   Best regards  Dennis (6-29-11)===============================================Matt, I received my latest order of bullets today. The shipping was so fast that I would almost swear I got them before I ordered them. And the quality was, again, superior.Dennis (6-28-11)===================================================Matt,I finally got to load and shoot your 200 gr LSWC for the 45 acp. I was very pleased with the results and will be a future customer for your bullets.I again want to thank you for the sample pack as I am so new to the reloading scene.Thanks!Dennis (5-24-11)=====================================================================Matt, just wanted to let you know that my bullets arived yesterday looking in great shape. Nice packing job! I picked up your products at Guns Galore and this is the first time that I have ordered them through the mail and it won't be the last. Thanks! Dave (6-28-11)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt,I again want to thank you for the sample pack as I am so new to the reloading scene .Thanks!Dennis (5-24-11)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt,I recently competed in the 2011 IDPA Great Lakes Regional Championship in Munger, MI.  I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support of the match and the shooting sports in general.  Great matches like this are possible only because of an army of volunteers and great sponsors like you.  Thank you.Regards,Chad (5-23-11)------------------------------------------------------Thanks for the bullets.  Appreciate the quick shipment.Fred (5-23-11)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt, Returned to the range today and backed my target with cardboard as was suggested to me.  No problems, very clean, round holes, very small, tight groups.  The load works well and you make great, consistent bullets!Thanks,Dave (5-11-11)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Matt, Thank You for spending so much of your time with me on the phone, it is rare to find someone willing to share their time and information. I have already ordered two of the Lyman 2-Step M dies, can't wait to try them. I will let you know how I do.Thanks again !!!Jeff (5-10-11)P.S.  I am telling all the shooters that I know about you and your bullets.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt,Received the bullets today. They look good! Great packaging job!Thanks!Sam (5-13-2011)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt,This weekend I took your bullets on a successful hog hunting trip in Louisiana. I used your .358" 158 gr RNFP on top of 13.5 gr Accurate #9 in my Marlin 1894C. The shot was taken at 30 yards, I struck him in the head just above the left ear. The bullet traveled the entire length of his body, exiting just in front of the left rear leg. The 85 pound boar didn't move an inch after I shot him, he was dead on the spot. I just thought you would like to see an example of your product being put to good use. I hunted at the Wild Hog Ridge Hunting Club and their website is www.lahoghunting.com. The owner's name is Jerry Bailey.Greg (5-1-2011)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt,I know you offer a 98 gr bullet for the .380 sized at .356. Is it possible to get the same 98 gr bullet sized to .358? I'm thinking of a low weight, higher velocity round for my lever gun, for plinking and/ or small game. It might be fun to play around developing a load for something like that, what do you think?By the way, I'm really happy with the 158 gr RNFP bullets I bought from you. They feed very well through my levergun and there's no leading at all, even at higher velocities. I'm using 13.5 gr AA # 9 and figure I'm getting close to 1800 FPS out of my rifle.Good stuff!Greg (3-13-11)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Just a quick note to let you know my order arrived today. Bullets look excellent. Can't wait to get some loaded up. Looking forward to doing business with you in the future. Dennis (3-5-11)----------------------------------------------------------------Your product is great and your service is exceptional, thank you for your prompt order fulfillment and shipping. J  (2-26-11)----------------------------------------------------------------Matt...I received my order today....The bullets look great....Can't wait to try them....Thanks! Bob  (2-19-11)----------------------------------------------------------------Just got the shipment and I am very pleased looks like we 've got a relationship thanks you'll be hearing from me in the future.Richardo  (2-19-11)------------------------------------------------------------------Received shipment today and all okay.  I've already started spreading your info to my shooting friends.  Looking forward to doing more business with you.  Thanks,Joel (2-14-11)--------------------------------------------------------------------Matt:Just wanted you to know your bullets arrived - great packaging and great looking bullets - no seams, no dings, and, best of all, a random sample of bullet weights showed a mere 0.006% variance from the listed 230 gr. weight - WOW.  I'm hoping to shoot them tomorrow.Thanks.  I'm a new confirmed [and undoubtedly a repeat] customer.Jerry (1-27-11)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have loaded the 45 SWCs and noted that they were much cleaner than some other cast bullets I've used.  I didn't have to spend much time wiping excess lube off the finished rounds like before.  That was nice.  I loaded up two different loads and will let you know how they work out for me.  Heath (1-24-11)-------------------------------------------------------------------------That's great to hear, Matt. I've been impressed so far. I attached a target from my first outing with my 625. Again, it's built for USPSA, and has been rendered DAO and has a FO front sight. 1"-ish 6-shot groups at 15 yards, unsupported. Not my best, but truth be told, I've been spending more time competing in IDPA/USPSA lately than (informally) target shooting. Excuses aside, I'm betting with more trigger time and load development, I'll get all holes touching, so I'll send one of those targets for your website, hopefully in the not-too-distant future. BTW, I saw on your sight you have a lot of 10M air experience. I loved shooting my IZH-46M, and it's too bad there aren't 10m air matches around here. Still, practicing with my Izzy was good for my head and fundamentals, and I thought I was going to start competing in bullseye, so it was good practice, it seemed. In the end, though, it ended up to be (for now) IDPA/USPSA.Thanks again - Tom (1-14-11)---------------------------------------------------------------Matt, Just wanted to drop you a email and thank you for your products and your great service.  I shoot a lot, and mostly the last few years cowboy loads in single action revolvers.  I load for just about everything pistol and revolver, including 45 Colt, 38-40, 44-40, etc.  I find your RNFP bullets perfect for what I enjoy shooting.  They shoot well and do not lead.  Been shooting a lot of IMR Trail Boss powder the last few years and it all works great together. Thanks again for your great products.  It's great to find manufacturers right here in Michigan that I can support.Tony  (1-5-11)----------------------------------------------------------------------I just wanted to say “thank you” for the wealth of information you provide on your website regarding cast bullets and everything related thereto.  I pasted every article, every last one, into a single, huge, Word document, printed out the whole thing and just now finished reading it all, cover to cover, over my morning coffee. That was some learning experience for me! Reading all that makes me want to sit down and just talk about bullets with you. Armed with this new information I am going to be reviewing some of my own Policies and Procedures with respect to the bullets I’m using, my powder choices and possibly invest in some Redding dies.So again, a sincere thank you for all that information. That’s a wealth of practical experience and a huge service to the reloading community at large you’re providing and I wanted to let you know it’s appreciated.Best regards (and Happy New Year),~ Paul  (1-2-11)---------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt, I have to say that you continue to impress me.  This is my 3rd or 4th order and it's always a mixed order with different calibers and bullet weights yet I receive my package every time within a week.  Every order is also exactly what I asked for, packaging is good and the bullet quality is excellent. Mike  (12-21-10)------------------------------------------------------------------------Your  40 cal. 155gr swc  over 4.5 grs of TG is outstanding  in my  G35 stock barrel, no leading-  very accurate and clean. Jerry  (12-14-10)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------I am very impressed with your .358 by 158 grain bullets. My wife has a 1966 yellowboy replica which would not shoot past 50 yards without keyholeing the target. I mean the rounds were all over the place! After 2000 bullets by 3 different brands I purchased just 100 of yours. At the range just for the hell of it I held 14" high at a 100 yard target and every time I shot I heard the pop of it hitting the paper. shot 20 rounds total and when I got to see the target it was a 4.5 inch group. I left my spotting scope home that day. I will tell you it felt good dropping those rounds into the target. 38 special at 100 yards thats what your doing. I hope you pass this on to anyone that has a gun like this. very fun!! and 4227 makes them fly with a good crimp.  (12-8-10)--------------------------------------------------------------------------I was on the old website trying to order but it kept rejecting it?  So I did a searcha nd found the new one.  Even my local shops & companies can't compete!  You are the best I have found in price, service, and quality!! Send those bullets across the country!!Thanks Daniel  (12-5-10)---------------------------------------------------------------------------Hey Matt,I did receive my bullets today and I must say they are some of the finest cast bullets I have ever ordered from the Internet. I will be ordering more from you in the future. Thanks again!  Larry  (11-19-10)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Matt....Package showed up yesterday...perfect condition. Now I have a problem..... they are too perfect to shoot!!!!   I used to do this casting hassle with some old H&G molds....what a mess! Thanks for an excellent product..... 'EXCELLENCE'....pretty much gone from the scene now.Regards, Burt (11-17-10)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks Matt, I was able to shoot 100 of your bullets the other day and am very pleased with the accuracy I was able to achieve.  Sam (11-11-10)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt,Holy Cow !!! How long did it take you to pack the bullets??? They look great,will load some after Tulsa gun show.Thanks again, JIM (11-7-10)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I received my first order a few days ago and produced cartridges with them today, then went to the range to test them. Excellent results, great bullets, great price, I am a regular customer now as these are the only bullets I am buying.--Stephen----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt,......a big thanks to your company for sponsoring local events like the Michigan IDPA Regional. As a shooter, I do notice the sponsors and direct my business to them when able.Thanks!    Carlos (9-10-10)================================================================================Thanks Matt, package received.  Great service!Jason (8-16-2010)=======================================================Matt,This is 2 years in a row that I have won Top Gun in the Centerfire Division in our pistol league. I shoot a Smith & Wesson 686 with 4.1 grains Trailboss and your 158grain semi wadcutter. Your bullets shoot great in my gun!Thank You!!! Mike (8-3-10)==============================================================================Hey Matt,You are unbelievable!! The bullets I ordered a few days ago just arrived. Eileen asked if there was a rush and I said there was not. Had I been in a rush I guess you would have delivered them personally to get them here faster than U.S. Mail. Thank you for such quick service.Jim (7-2-2010)-----------------------------------------------Hi Matt! It’s ALWAYS GREAT to get my DARDASCASTBULLET order!!! I ALWAYS receive them in a timely (SHORT) manner as you guys ship FAST!!! I’m still gonna mount one (one of your bullets) on a ring and give it to my wife! Ha! Anyways, THANK YOU BOTH again!Scott (7-2-2010)---------------------------------------------Matt:I want to say I've been using your bullets for years in several calibers and you produce an excellent product. Usually buy them at Jays but haven't had time to get there, it being about an 1 1/2 hr. drive. Now I'll need to find a different excuse to go.Hugh (7-14-2010)-------------------------------------------Hi Matt,I received my order today. Thanks for making such a high quality product. Also, thanks for all the effort you put in packaging - the box held together fine.Dave (7-19-2010)-----------------------------------------Hi Matt,I received your shipment today in good shape. Disgruntled post man; breaks my heart:) Thanks for the fast service. I really love your stuff! I've been giving handfuls to some buddies to try along with your cards. I think that this will keep me busy for a while.Larry (7-24-2010)---------------------------------------------Matt, The bullets are awesome. (But you already know that:)It was very fine talking to you on the phone and nearly as good to have purchased your bullets. I suppose one's character cannot help but seep into one's sincere efforts.I will order my next 38 SWC from you as well and I have recommended you to the limited amount of people I know in shooting,SIncere best wishes to you and your family.Nick (6-17-2010)PS - Your product reminds me of a saying :"A man who works with his hands is a laborer...A man who works with his hands and his mind is an artisan...A man who works with his hands and his mind and his heart is an Artist."===============================================================================Wow, that was fast. I'm new to reloading and this with be my first experience with cast bullets. I've heard nothing but good things about your product and appreciate your option to make a smaller purchase so I can test the waters.Regards,David (4-26-2010)=====================================================================================Matt, The bullets showed up today and I am absolutely amazed from the way they were packaged down to the actual bullets.  I am beyond impressed.  Will be reloading some this weekend and testing them out on Tuesday as long as everything goes well.  I should have another 10k+ order for you within a month or so! Thanks again, Matt======================================================================================Matt, I received my order today. If they shoot as good as they look I'll be elated. Your manufacturing process produces an excellently finished product. It appears that you have applied a protective film on all the bullets. I wondered if that was to eliminate or minimize the bullet metal from oxidizing over time. I have some hand casting experience and started casting rifle bullets for precision shooting back in 1975 mostly to shooting in heavy benchrest lead guns and Schuetzen rifles so I have some sense of what to look for in a quality bullet (design, metal, lube...).   I'm looking forward to finish up my existing supply soon and get some of your bullets loaded up.  One comment on your carrier:It was a good thing you lined the interior of the outer box with cardboard. One corner on the outer box split apart and the cardboard liner was protruding out on one of the two parcels. The inner box on that corner was only slightly crushed but the bullets looked fine. It looked like the parcels were stacked one on the other and possibly dropped for a very short height or just abruptly placed down. Thank you for providing what appears to be a superior American made product. I hope to be a returning customer.Vic (4-21-2010)========================================================Hey Buddy, It is the least I can do. I shoot cast bullets in my 1911 and 44 mag and still have plenty from a big buy I made in 2008 before the Obamanation drove up prices. I will be in touch when I run low at the end of the shooting season. I've seen your quality product and know you work hard for your money. I hope to meet you sometime.  Jeff (4-15-2010)Package showed up.... neat package!!!Look beautiful....too nice to use???? I'll let you know how they work out.....Thanks,Burt (4-13-2010)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I just received an order of 380 bullets, and they are without exception the best looking lead bullets I've purchased.  I'm eager to shoot them, because I'm sure they will shoot as well as they look. Jim (4-8-2010)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Just wanted to drop you all a note and compliment you on the bullets I purchased. Loaded some up the past week and went out this weekend. The performed very well in my Hi-Power and new Ruger SR9. I will be needing some 240 grain .44 bullets soon, so I will be placing a order in the near future. Nice to see quality products made here in the USA. Jim (3-29-32010)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WOW!!!Matt, I opened the box that you sent for my bullet order and whoa…I’m IMPRESSED!  I am almost tempted NOT to use these .38 cal bullets because they are just soo great looking!  I’m tempted to mount one in a ring for my wife!I don’t know how you did it, but I hope everything is OK.  I sincerely APPRECIATE you sending out the small order!I will make another order this next week!Thanks again!!!Scott (3-7-2010)Matt,I received your bullets on Friday. Thank you! If they shoot as good as they look they should be very good!Mike (2-6-2010)====================================================================Dear Matt,You must have had my order packed before I had even placed it -- or perhaps it passed through some kind of time warp.  As nearly as I can recall, I pressed the enter key to submit the order just as the mailman rang the doorbell to deliver the package.  But seriously, two days from order to delivery!  You folks are good!Now here's my main complaint:  your bullets are too pretty to shoot!  Maybe I'll just make jewelry out of them.Many thanks and best regards,Doug (1-31-2010)======================================================================================Matt,I'm happy to report that your bullets are considerably less smoky.Dave (1-31-2010)==============================================================================================================Hello Matt,I just wanted to thank you for the consistent quality in each of my Dardas bullet orders. When I place an order, there's no doubt about what I'll receive. And because of your pricing, I can afford to shoot and practice more.To illustrate what I think about Dardas bullets, I recently received my new Clark Custom carry build after 16+ months of hand-wringing and waiting .... and the first 150 rounds I fired through it were Dardas 200 gr. SWC's.It's depressing though that I no longer have any excuses for my flyers. :DCheers,Ron. (1-29-2010)===================================================================================Matt,I got the bullets today and I can tell just by handling them that they are of superior quality - more so than the ones that I was purchasing. I will let you know how they perform after this weekend.Dave (1-28-2010)===============================================================================================Matt,I received my order for 6,000 cast bullets from you yesterday in a blowing snowstorm. They were well packaged and looked good. I will report to you on their performance in a few weeks.Thanks,Phil (1-20-2010)--------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Matt..Just to let you know the bullets arrived safe and sound which is amazing with today's delivery systems.The bullets look great, the service was great and the packaging was great!Well done and this is something that is not often found these days.Thank you for a good job and the only way I could have them faster would have been to drive up there and pick them up myself. Forty eight hours from phone to front door!!!Will certainly order again from you in the future. Jim (1-14-2009)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Matt,That order came so fast it made my head spin!  Thanks for your speedy service, you've definately impressed me and I'll let everyone know about youRick (12-29-09)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt,Your 200gr RNFP in .452 are super! One ragged hole @25 yds with 5.5gr of SALUT. VERY NICE LOAD!!!! Runs about 650FPS.Richard (12-24-2009)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hello,I received your bullets this week. 500 each of .357/158 SWC, .45/230RN and .45/250's. I haven't loaded any yet but they sure look like high quality cast bullets. Thanks.Chip (12-5-2009)--------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt,I have had a Kel-Tec sub 2000 and have had problems with it not cycling well with any ammo.I was about to mill some weight off the bolt until I tested some of your lead 9mm 124gr rn.  The 2000 shot better than I ever dreamed!  I no longer have to mill anything off!  Your bullets have proven themselves!  Thank you!Simeon (12-4-09)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt, I got the bullets yesterday. They look very good!Thank You,Waldo (11-21-09)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt,I placed an order today (maybe yesterday) and I think next time I may try your 200gr LSWC.  I do think that your bullets and service are exemplary.Keep up the good work, and thanks for responding.Tim (11-18-09)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt,I received my order of 2,000 bullets yesterday afternoon and everything looks great. The package was well secured and arrived in fine shape. The product appears to be of excellent quality!Just wanted to thank you for the fine work and attention to detail!Good shooting,Eric (11-18-09)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt,First let me say that I'm glad that you now have a web site. I have been shooting your bullets for quite a few years. I have especially had good results with your 255gr 45LC and Win 231 powder. As a matter of fact I bought a box of 500 today at Jay's Sporting Goods.Thank you in advance and I'm glad to see that a local business is still doing good.Tom (11-17-09)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt,I have loaded, and fired some of the bullets I purchased from you.  Just wanted you to know they load great and shoot great!  Looking forward to doing business with you in the future!Tom (11-17-09)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thank you Matt.I really appreciate how prompt your service has been and the quality of your products.  After my past dealings with some other bullet casting companies, this has been an extremely pleasant experience.  I'll certainly be ordering more bullets in the near future, my .45 stash is about dry...Best Regards,Mike (11-9-09)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Matt!I got the 358 cast bullets today. Love them! Will buy from you again! Thanks!God Bless!Roy (11-2-09)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt,The package was waiting for me when I returned from Vegas.  Can't wait to start loading some of them;  they look great!Chris (11-2-09)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Thank you Matt. I really appreciate how prompt your service has been and the quality of your products.  After my past dealings with some other bullet casting companies, this has been an extremely pleasant experience.  I'll certainly be ordering more bullets in the near future, my .45 stash is about dry...Best Regards,Mike (11-9-09)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We got the 10k order and have been shooting them for a few weeks now.  We wanted to thank you.  These are beautiful 125gr and they are shooting very well. For the future, if you see any huge lead price increases coming, please let us know ahead of time and we will stock up. Thank you,Dave and David (10-30-09)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Matt, FYI, your bullets won the Single Action Shooting Society sanctioned Kansas State Championships in the Elder Statesman category.  Of course, I had a little something to do with it, as well.  Thanks for making available to us a well made product at a reasonable price. Best regards,Jerry (10-29-09)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt,I’m sure you’ve heard all this stuff many times before, but here’s my rendition. I used to cast bullets many years ago and have about 20 years under my belt. I consider myself very fussy and at one point was selling my cast bullets at all the local gun shows. My customers were very happy and I always sold out. I even provided cast bullets to the local police department pistol instructor. I have to say that as fussy as I was, I don’t believe my quality ever reached the quality of your cast bullets. I knew the minute I saw your impeccable packaging that I was going to be pleased with your product. I haven’t loaded any yet, but I have no doubts that they will exceed all expectations. In examining the 3 calibers, 9mm, 380, and .45, the casting is flawless, squeaky clean and bright. Thank you for making my day.Pete (10-21-09)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Matt Dardas;The merchandise arrived today, 10/7/09, and the bullets look real nice. If they shoot as well as they look, I'm sure I will be purchasing more in the near future, and telling my shooting buddies here in Rhode island about your business, as well. Thank you for your assistance.Sincerely yours,  Vin (10-7-09)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mr. Dardas,A while back you sent me some bullets to try out after reading on the Cast Boolit website that I was having trouble shooting cast bullets from my ruger p95. I just wanted to let you know that I am now successfully shooting your cast bullets with no leading. I took your advice and changed powder and used your bullets. I just fired a test batch with very little leading! Thank you so much for your assistance and your great bullets!Sincerely,Anthony (10-2-09)------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt,Just wanted to let you now that I appreciate your attention to service, quality product and solid pricing. Now if I can only find some primers! Thanks!Dave (10-1-09)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt,Thank you for your kindness, I am excited to use your bullets for the first time. I will send you a couple of pics as soon as I fire a few rounds off (ahahahaaaa).  Thank you again. I appreciate your personal commitment to your customers and really care about "customer service" as you have just proven to me that it still exist.......you have a great evening. Sincerely, Dean (10-1-09)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt,I loaded some of your 45-230's over the weekend. They are a great product at a great price! I passed on your information to one of the local gunsmiths that I work with. You will be getting some orders from guys I shoot with. Everyone that saw your bullets and the targets that I shot were impressed!Thanks again for a great product!Best regards,Steve (9-14-2009) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt,These bullets are the best! Great groups, progressive press friendly, no jamming, and the price cannot be beat any where else on the web!  I will be buying more of these bullets (9mm, 44, and 45 ACP) in the future.Steve (9-4-2009)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sir,I wanted to let you know that I received my order today. It arrived in really excellent condition, which surprised me somewhat as in the past I have been used to a certain level of damage. There was none. Really excellent packaging. I think that four day delivery from your northern locale to the Gulf Coast is pretty good for a sawbuck. I really hate to give our "Government" credit for anything, but they may be on to something with this flat rate box deal.I am pleased with your product's appearance. That's no small accomplishment since by my recollection I have purchased over 40,000 cast bullets and cast myself about 10,000, albeit that was some time ago. I am certain they will perform as well as they look, and no doubt any disappointment will be due entirely to the user.After being out of this for more than a decade, you've got me EXCITED!I sincerely THANK YOU!Richard (9-4-2009)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I just received the 148 DBBWC the otherday. I reloaded 100 that I will be shooting tomorow. The 38158SWC I have from you are great - I have pretty good groupings...I'll be ordering more for my 9mm and 45 acp as well! :)ty again BJ (8-30-2009)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Matt:I fired approximately 2000 rounds of your 45 acp 200 grain RN and SWC bullets last year and was very pleased with their loading and accuracy characteristics. I have molded my own bullets for close to 40 years so I can really appreciate a quality product. Thanks for your excellent work. Thanks also for going on line!Respectfully,Corey  (8-24-2009)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Matt Dardas, This note is to confirm that your 158 gr, SWCBB bullets do shoot great in my 38/357 hand guns.  I have shot over 100 rounds with moderate to strong loads and still little or no leading.  Accuracy is right on.  This fixed my problem.  Thanks! Please feel free to share this with other customers.Beat regards,   Jack (8-23-09)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I don't know if you have had any customers try this or not.If not, they should.I loaded your 98gr. bullets in my 9mm and they are fantastic! Recoil is minimal, follow up shots are a breeze and believe it or not, they will take a pepper popper down with ease!Top that with being extremely accurate and you have a fun load to shoot!Thanks for a great bullet!  Barry (8-20-2009)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt: Test fired a bunch of your bullets yesterday. I'm impressed. Your right about tighter groups. Like I told you, just started shooting again since last November so I don't consider myself an 'expert'.  This I do know,....at 50 yards, shooting 're-lubed/sized' bullets, they were 7 to 8" off the mark and scattered.  With your bullets loaded right out of the box, groupings were much tighter than my usual shooting...my point is, there actually were 'groupings'.   It's been a valued learning experience working with you Matt, and it is very much appreciated. Rauyl (8-20-2009)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Accuracy wise I can only give you a general idea,but once again we were well pleased.In both a Sig P226 and Berreta 92F,my brother and I were firing offhand at 15yds and we were surprised to find we could keep every shot within a 2 in.circle.(orange stick on dot) and we have not even played with our loads yet.(2.000 in. - .356 =1.654 great in anyones book) I have no doubt,these are the highest quality bullets we have purchased to date,and plan to shoot nothing but Dardas bullets in the future!Thanks Again,Barry (8-5-2009)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I just wanted to let you know I had the chance to fire the 9mm 124 gr. bullets this weekend.WELL PLEASED!!!!Looking forward to receiving the .380 95 gr. I have on order.Thanks for a great product!Barry (8-4-2009)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I just ordered bullets by phone. I can not tell you how nice it was to talk to a real person,who cares about his customer. I am a customer for life,and will be sure to let my shooting buddies know about Dardas Cast Bullets.Barry (7-22-2009)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Matt,Got my order for 2000 cowboy bullets on Friday.Very happy with how they shoot and the micrometer results based on some sampling tests.Thank you for the info below. I feel like you guyz have a good operation there and will support you with my orders.keep up the good work.bob (7-20-2009)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt,Received the bullets today.  They look top notch.  Hopefully, I'll get to try them out next weekend.Thanks,John (7-19-2009)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt,I received my bullets today, all I can say is they are great! See my post on the Firearms forum under the Dardas Cast Bullets thread.Thanks and I look forward to doing more business with you!Mark (7-16-2009)http://www.thefirearmsforum.com/showthread.php?t=63093&highlight=dardas----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I don't measure the groups Matt. And I don't test off a rest. I'm a bullseye shooter and they easily hold the X-ring at 25 yards.I scored a 197-10 in timed fire the other afternoon. So I am thrilled with their performance.(Lou 7-7-2009)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Matt,My order for the .45 LSW arrived this week and I am extremely pleased. I loaded up 50 of themand got to the range last evening. The shot very well, especially as they had to drill through what felt like 150% humidity.I also want to thank you for the promptness in your replies to my e-mails. You now have a newcustomer for life, based on quality products as well as exemplary customer service.Feel free to post this on your website if you would like.(Tim - Ohio)  6-27-2009-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Matt,I got the 2 boxes of bullets and am ready to start loading them ... they all do look great!Thanks for providing us shooters with a quality product at a very good price!Regards,James (6-2-2009)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt,We are very pleased with the bullets. We loaded test rounds in 45 auto and 40 S&W Saturday. The rounds were awesome and the guns easy to clean. We will be back as soon as we throw these down range. Thanks,Eddy (5-25-2009)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Matt,I just wanted to let you know I finally had the chance to hit the range with several different bullets I loaded, and I was very happy with their performance.  The bores were left quite clean, maybe a speck or two of leading near the chamber end.  In comparison, I had some old 38 wadcutters (old, grey lead, nothing like your bullets) which left the bore caked up with lead.  The accuracy declined so far that I was missing the paper, and I needed to brush it out just to get back on target.  Your bullets were the opposite.  I put 100 rounds through my 45 auto and you just wouldn't know I was shooting lead.  I used 4.4 gr Bullseye over a Federal LP primer.  Very nice shooting.  I might go a little hotter next time, but it was fun shooting more of a target load out of the 45.I will be ordering more in the future!Sincerely,Mark (5-20-09)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------More than satisfied with the quality and appearance of the cast bullets. They fed flawlessly into the seating die and are very consistent. Accuracy of the 148gr BBWC is literally one ragged hole at 25yds with the Mod 52 and my Mod 19 with a 2 1/2" bbl. I haven't fired the 9mm or .45 ACP but expect the same level of accuracy and extremely low barrel leading. The blue lube is great. Its not sticky, doesn't flake off when you dump a hundred or so rounds in the bullet tray and is fairly low smoke too.All the above considered, you are now my sole source for cast bullets.Dick (4-9-2009)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt,Your bullets work great. My son and I both shoot IDPA matches and weare frequently asked about the bullets we use and have given your nameout many times.Thank you for the great product.Ron (3-30-2009)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I wanted to follow up on my experience with your bullets as you requested. I backed off the load for the .38-158RN to the bottom end of the chargefor Unique and I shot several 6 shot groups that were one large ragged hole. Granted at the indoor range I was only at about 15 feet or so,but they seem to be very accurate out of my 6" Ruger Gp100. I also had similar results with your 45-230RN in my Kimberwith the low end charge for Unique in the Sierra manual for 45-230RN bullets.Terry (3-28-2009)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Your cast bullets out gunned any other cast bullet that I have tried.  Truly, a far superior bullet, including the accuracy potential. The cleaning was quite effortless compared with others.And you are right! The bore was shiny, and I believe cleanedout some of the residue from other inferior slugs.I ran a couple of patches, and the bore was as clean as a whistle.As far as I am concerned, there is absolutely nothing out there that can compare.Alex (3-23-09)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Matt,Thanks for the bullets! These are the highest quality bullets that I have ever seen.I looked at several cast bullets around the local shops and none compare to yours by a long shot.Alex (3-18-2009) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi there,I'm the son of ______, who has purchased two 1000 round batchesof lead .45 200 grain SWC from you, and I just wanted to write and tell you how fantastic they are. Really great product you have there;very, very accurate. I'm surprised at the lack of excessive leading inin the barrel after shooting your bullets. I shoot around 150 roundsevery weekend of the year, and I'm amazed at how clean the barrel isafter these trips. It's comparable to what I get from factory rounds.Keep up the fantastic, and we'll surely continue to come back for awhole lot more (so long as our Second Amendment rights aren'tinfringed upon the coming year).ThanksBrian  (Dec. 18, 2008).----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I recently created a new website, I am going to be selling a productfor cleaning the evil carbon buildup on revolver cylinders. On my website you will now find an unsolicited and favorable article about your bullets and your company.  You make an excellent bullet. (and No I don't want anything, I am not soliciting anything, people who do good work should get good press.)The question I was asking was on the expected std deviation for theweight of your bullets. I was lazy since I only have a balance beamscale and only weighted a 10 bullet sample. I wanted to make sure thestd deviation that I am publishing for your bullets was close to beingcorrect. Please let me know if I am wrong and I will correct.The article is currently on the main page:http://theweaponshops.com/It is also found here:http://theweaponshops.com/index.php/reloading/13-selecting-a-cast-bullet-manufacturerThanks,Dominic(Dec. 10, 2008).----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I purchased 2000 .40 cal bullets from dardas cast bullets last week. I received them fast. I reloaded 50 rounds with 3 grains of bullseye @ 1.135 ocl (this is a 40 lite load ) and they proved very accurate at 50 ft. with the first five shots going thru the same ragged hole. I kept the target and will try to get a picture up. Anybody else tried these they are great.Clarence - VA (Sept. 24, 2008).-------------------------------------------------------------------I did find a good source, though. www.dardascastbullets.com. Although I'm a fan of SWC, I figured that the SWCRN will feed better in both my target and combat guns. The price was comparable with prices I've seen in past years and the shipping was very reasonable. The bullets themselves are nice and hard, with good lube and are pretty consistent and accurate. This last part I am generalizing, because I've only shot 100rnd and it was for combat shooting (less than 15yds and rapid fire). Put 10 shots into a fist-size group. I think that's pretty consistent and accurate.Matt Dardas (probably the head honcho) is a responsive guy and is on top of things. I didn't even have any loaded when he emailed me to see if I was happy with my order and with the product. What a guy!    Jim - AZ (Sept. 24, 2008)-------------------------------------------------------------------Its hard to beat hard cast bullets for accuracy and cost. I just found a company called dardas cast bullets who make some very accurate and reasonably priced bullets. I like to load soft shooting target loads and I can get 1 inch groups at 50' from a glock with an aftermarket barrel (if I have my reading glasses on).CW - (Sept. 25, 2008)-------------------------------------------------------------------They look and performed great, I prefer the 200 SWC load better. I will be switching to your brand from Laser Cast. I am going to order some 125gn  9MM today or tomorrow, I'll buy the 200 SWC at Jay's of Gaylord.I used to come to your home with my father years ago and buy your bullets. I am a returning customer for long ago.Thanks!Dave-------------------------------------------------------------------Well just cleaned my 45.  Your bullets had a bit of lead build up which is to be expected with lead bullets but they were way better then my previous lead choice.  I also shot in a local IDPA match with your rounds.  Finished 2nd in cdp / ss division.  The rounds ran great and were very accurate.  I am going to switch to your bullets for Tac 2, my major match at the end of the month.  Your bullets weighed at 230g on every bullet I checked which is important for this match because I need to make "major " power factor to get less penalty.  My previous bullet supplier's rounds were all over the place on bullet weight.  So I guess I'll be buying all my bullets from y'all now.  Thanks for the great service and quick shipment.Tim-------------------------------------------------------------------Just wanted you to know that I've finished my comparison shopping and your .45 200g lswc have won. I shot your bullets along with the Mastercast of PA, the Mastercast of IL, and a company out of Jacksonville IL. This was several trips to the range and with 4 different powder loads. In EVERY scenario, I got better groups with your bullets. Anyway, I'll be ordering a thousand from you soon.Thanks,Ed - Ill----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Matt , Got the bullets yesterday. That has got to be the best job of packing I have ever seen!! Oh yes and the castings look great too. Will load some up for uspsa shoot this weekend. Best regards, Mike (3-3-09)------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt these 125gr. 9mm's are simply awesome.  My Brother and I both thank you.Rick  (2-27-09)------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt.  I received the bullets I ordered.  They look great.  They are definitely better than the same bullet from the last manufacturer I ordered from.  Thanks, Mark (2-21-09)------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you.Great bullets.Ron (2-19-09)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your bullets seem to be excellent, and I am quite pleased with them.  Keep up the good work.Thanks, Bob (2-12-09)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for your immediate response.  From all I have heard your products are always superior and I enjoyed your user friendly ordering service!Jerry (2-4-09)------------------------------------------------------------------------------Arrived today, thanks. Well formed, nicely lubed, and very well packaged. I'll let you know how they perform.Dick (3-6-2009)


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