Quality Standards

Dardas Cast Bullets is a manufacturer of World Class Quality Cast Bullets. We have been using 92-2-6 certified alloy since 1992 (our year of incorporation).  The bullet that you purchased from us in the past will have the same alloy composition today! Our world class quality standards, procedures, and expectations ensures that you will receive world class quality cast bullets bar none! Standard Deviation on all our bullets is much less than 0.5 and many times it is less than 0.2!

When you purchase a box of jacketed bullets you expect the quality to be impeccable - don't you?  You sure don't expect to find any flaws in that box of jacketed bullets right? Dardas Cast Bullets also has very high quality - just as you would expect and demand from jacketed bullets! Why spend your hard-earned money on cheap scrap bullets that should have been rejected and remelted when you can invest in reasonably priced, world class quality Dardas Cast Bullets? Dardas Cast Bullets are synonymous with world class quality - that is why we put our name behind our bullets!

Here's an analogy......you purchase a 10 lb prime rib for a very important outing. The grill is started and you open the prime rib package only to discover that 10% of the meat is tainted. Would you be content? Would you just cut off the tainted portion and grill the remainder? Or would you return the package and demand your money back? Would you return to that store again? You should expect and demand the very highest quality in everything that you purchase!

I want to caution shooters about real cheap pricing from other sources. There is a reason that the prices are so very cheap - it is because they are using inferior materials (wheel weights, lead pipe, and any scrap sources). Notice I said inferior materials instead of 'alloy'. Ask the 'caster' if they are using certified alloy and ask for the lot # and certification sheet (which has the elemental composition of  the alloy). Do not purchase from those that cannot produce a certification sheet matching the lot number of the alloy. Why pay for scrap when you expect world class quality cast bullets!?

If you are a competition shooter and are looking for a cast bullet supplier that can provide 100% accurate cast bullets without any defects and an extremely low standard deviation, then you have found the right source! We are competition shooters as well! We expect our cast bullets to be extremely accurate without any doubts when shooting. We also expect you to have the same expectations when purchasing Dardas Cast Bullets!

Dardas Cast Bullets = World Class Quality & Accuracy!

We offer world class quality and accurate cast bullets at a reasonable price with friendly service - no less!

Dardas Cast Bullets utilizes an impeccable quality control system to ensure that only world class quality cast bullets are delivered to the customer. Our quality control system is integrated into the manufacturing machinery, gauges, alloy, bullet lubricant, shipping, and receiving. Our quality control system has on-demand, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly checks that maintain the integrity of all aspects of the entire business system. We adhere to these checks to guarantee that the cast bullets being shipped to you are world class quality!

Buy from Dardas Cast Bullets and you will WIN!


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