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Hi Matt, I received some of your 45200SWC's to try on a recommendation from one of my bullseye shooting partners for an alternate practice bullet. I wanted to try them with my normal load of 3.5 grains of Bullseye, Winchester primers, and Winchester cases seated to 1.25" OAL. This was shot yesterday from my Les Baer Monolith Heavyweight benchrested at 50 yards, no support on the front of the pistol, just hands resting on the table, light was low, and it was raining. I shot a nice 2.7" six shot group. I am sure it will do better from a Ransom Rest.

Frank (4-19-2017)

A test that a customer ran using 4 layers of denim, 13 inches of ballistic gel, and 1 inch of a dry phone book. The load was Dardas 158SWC with 4.7 gr 231 shot from a 1.85 inch barrel. The recorded velocity was 802 FPS. Customer's comment was 'load was very accurate and the bullets looked great!

Mike 3-23-2017

Hello Matt, this is a ten shot group shot at 28 feet standing slow fire with Dardas 9125RN sized 0.357" in my Beretta 92FS. The inner circle is 2 inches in diameter.

Ralph 3-24-2017



I shot this target yesterday at the Erie County Conservation Club 2700 Tournament here in Ohio. It's my best so far. Your 45-200SWC's and 4.0 grains of Bullseye. I am pretty sure that I can make Expert by the end of the season. Last year I couldn't get all my shots on paper! One thing I never have to think about is my bullets! They are consistantly outstanding in every way. I use the Lyman M dies you recommended for my .45 and .38.  Thanks!  Dave T.

Dave T 50 Yd Slow Fire 98-4X ... Dardas 45-200SWC's w/ 4.0 gr Bullseye



This is from only 7 yards but it put a smile on my face. 5 shots with my 44 magnum (iron sights) and reading glasses. Dardas 44240SWC sized to 0.431", 6.6 grains of Red Dot, Starline brass and shot from a rest. Didn't measure yet but group size is around 0.100". Thanks again!

Kevin (8-1-2014)


Hi Matt,

Shot this group yesterday with my 44 Magnum Virginian Dragoon. Open sights and reading glasses. I think that this is the absolute limit with my eyesight. Thanks again for your help and the quality of your product. I will be ordering two batches of .45 bullets shortly - one for my neighbor (new S&W Governor) and one for my soon-to-be-arriving Cimarron Model P in .45 Colt.

Kevin (7-23-2014)


Hi Matt,

I have been using Dardas Bullets for my Walter GSP Expert for about 4 years now. My bullet of choice is the 98 grain bevel base wad cutter sized at .314". Using 1.5 grains of Bullseye powder and CCI or Federal primers, the bullets group under 1" at 50 feet, under 1.5" at 25 yards, and 3" at 50 yards. That load produced an average velocity of 664 feet per second with a standard deviation of 13 FPS. 

I have tried several other bullets but none group as consistently as the Dardas .32 Caliber 98 grain Wad Cutter.

Copies of the groups are attached.

Peter (7-1-2013)





This is my grouping at 10 yards in a vise with a Beretta Nano. That is 20 rounds under a nickle! I had to put your product to the test, and you passed. This kicks the pants off my other brands that I load. I will buy from you alone from this day forth. You have made a believer out of me.

Henry (2-26-2013)


Hello Matt,

I was planning on taking a trip to your location late this Spring / Early Summer to pick up a large order (>10,000) to take advantage of the 15% discount.  Unfortunately I've ended up doing so well using your bullets to shoot my PPC competition that I'm now exclusively using Dardas bullets.  On one hand that's good.  On the other hand it means I've found myself running out earlier than planned.  I was wondering if you ever travel to Flint for anything and if so if it would be possible to pick up the large order from you there.  I live in the Suburbs North of Detroit and Flint would be about half way to your place.  To drive all the way is about 2-1/2 hours which would be an all day affair (5 hours both ways) so I thought I'd ask if there is a chance of meeting you in Flint. 

I don't expect you to make a special trip, I was just wondering if you happen to travel that way on a regular basis and we could set up a delivery. Please let me know if you think that would be possible in the next month.

On a related subject, this is my first year shooting and competing in PPC competitions.  I've been using a mix of .38 caliber and .40S&W caliber bullets from Dardas and a couple of other  companies for this past season trying to figure out which one re-loads and shoots better.  I quickly discovered that as far as re-loading, nothing runs as smooth as your 148gr DEWC .38's!  One company has a weird lubricant that is dirty and sticky and the other company just isn’t consistent - I've found missing lubricant, short shots, chunks missing, etc., something I have NEVER found with Dardas and I've run probably 5-7,000 of your bullets without a hitch.

As far as accuracy, I thought the [blank] bullets might be better because they are swaged instead of cast, but I shot my first 299 (out of 300) A-Target with Dardas, then my first perfect A-Target with Dardas.  Last weekend at the Fenton PPC match, I was able to pull off a 299 on the A-Target and a 299 on the B-Target (both out of 300) by using Dardas bullets.  As I mentioned this is my 1st year in PPC competition and to score a 598 (out of 600) and place 4th out of 240 competitors was very exciting.  Clearly at this point Dardas are by far my favorite bullets and I plan on using you exclusively for my reloading needs.  I've seen testimonials like these along with photographs on your website, so I thought I'd add to the great success people are having with Dardas bullets with my own story.

Attached are the pictures of my groups - feel free to post on your website if you wish.


Mike (3-28-2011)






Well, I shot pretty good again this weekend with your H&G Wadcutters! I gotta say Matt I really do like your bullets! Thank you!

Reggie (3-18-2011)



Here are some pictures of the 598 that I shot at the Oakland County Sportsmans Club with your .38 148 H&G Wadcutters.

Reggie (3-8-2011)



Dardas Cast Bullets;

I used your  45acp-185gr. SWC bullets with GREAT results! I competed in the Indiana State Steel Challenge at the Atlanta Conservation Club, Oct. 17 2009. I shot in the Open class with my custom 1911 Springfield Armory 45 acp and I received a 1st place plaque with a time of 145.88 seconds. The time is a total of 8 events.

You make GREAT bullets!

Thank you!

Robert (10-24-09)


Dardas 45 Caliber 200 Grain Semi Wadcutter
50 Yard - 5 Shot Group

Dear Sir,

Please find the attached test target. It was shot with your 45 caliber 200 grain .452 SWC over 4.2 of Titegroup from a sandbag rest. The gun is a custom Bullseye gun built by Mr. KC Crawford. The 5 shot group measures 1.3 inches. This group was shot at 50 yds. I was sighting the new gun in with various loads and your bullets were the best SWC!
Feel free to post on your site.
Sincerely and with thanks,
Erich (9-1-2009)

Editor: This group represents what we manufacture - World Class Quality!



50 Yards - Ransom Rest

Dardas 45 Caliber 200 Grain Semi-Wadcutter
WST 4.2 Grains

The group that is clustered in the lower right quadrant has 9 shots in it.



50 Yards - Ransom Rest

Dardas 45 Caliber 200 Grain Semi-Wadcutter
WST 4.2 Grains



Just got back from Ionia's 2700 match.  This was my first outdoor match this season.  This target was shot with Dardas 45-200 gr. SWC .452.  I shot this in the Slow Fire stage of the .45 caliber National Match Course.  This my first 96 out of 100 in a match.  (Art 5-2-2009)

Matt, after receiving your bullets as you know I was very excited.

I loaded up 100 over 4.6 grs. of WST, and today I went out to the range. I was immediately pleased with the accuracy achieved with these bullets, and I got 0 leading of the barrel and the only real dirt was un-burned powder and burnt bullet lube. I am very impressed with your high quality bullets and I will be back for more when I burn through these thousand, which won't be long.  Wink Grin I would recommend that anyone looking for a great high quality cast bullet to seriously give Dardas cast bullets a go! Great prices, fast shipping, and excellent customer service.

This group here was shot at 7 yards out of my springfield 1911 GI.45

Anything covered in duct tape is where my dad shot. Thank's for such a great product. You can post this on your website if you'd like.

I forgot to add that the bullets were the 200 gr. LSWC bevel base. Primers used were federal large pistol match and it was mixed brass.


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